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It's back and better than ever! In between eating, drinking, gaming and watching martial art movies, I've finally finished updating my ancient Voice Recording tutorial. It's a complete guide for newcomers to voice acting, with advice on hardware, software, recording and processing. I plan on following up with a voice editing tutorial in the future.


Feel free to post any feedback on the forum or by email.
News? On this site?! Indeed, bucko's.

Blizzard have released the trailer for their next World of WarCraft expansion, Wrath of the Lich King. You can view it on the official site here while a discussion thread on our forum is here.

Go and see what has become of Arthas and then comment on it!
Skeletal Rage 2
by desmasica, 11th Jun 08

More info and the latest version (possibly last one) over here.
Aeon of the Hawk special edition
by Taeradun, 17th Apr 08
Some time ago Metathrom released his Special Edition of Aeon of the Hawk. The new version features: several new cutscenes and playable maps, including the conclusion to the story; balance fixes and an easy version; new briefings to old maps and much, much more. You can see the full list of features in the release notes or go straight to the downloads page.
Wc3 Modding Tutorials
by desmasica, 27th Feb 08
SA has a pretty good collection of modding tutorials for some time now (yes, we were keeping them to ourselves :P). The modding tutorials section has been updated with fresh new link to the available tutorials for modding Wc3.

I challenge you to find a better collection, if you do, I don't have a prize for you.

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