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Interviews Galore!
by Magic, 1st Nov 08
While much of the available campaigns and mods here at Samods are long finished, there are still two that are very much active, even if it is discretely behind the scenes. It is for this reason that I decided to conduct interviews with their main producers. These are now available for you to read:

- John Drake and Skullpitter of Realm Design about their enormous WarCraft 3 conversion, Dawn of Chaos. Link.

- Rommel, maker of the amazing Heart of Storms mod, also for WarCraft 3. Link.

Highlights include progress on both productions, thoughts on making the respective mods, sources of inspiration and even motivation, plus screenshots of the first human level for DoC and Skullpitter's critical thoughts on Blizzard's story writing for the WarCraft series.


- Magic
Wc3NewbieMapper-to-Wc3CompetentMapper updated
by Ricky Honejasi, 4th Oct 08
While it's a minor update after so long, it does add two important tutorial map subjects : Loops and Array variables. Both that can be confusing when trying to learn them (especially by guesswork) yet two of the most important subjects to understand if you intend to be serious at triggering.

The results : being able to considerably extend your triggering possibilities (prerequisite to JASS as well) and to minimize time use for repetitive actions (one loop action to affect 12 players instead of 12 individual actions for each of them).

You can download the updated Wc3NewbieMapper-to-Wc3CompetentMapper v0.61 from this thread here.

You can also see the content list here.

- Ricky_Honejasi
Broken Sword 2.5 - Released!
by Magic, 29th Sep 08
For the classic adventure game players on here, I have more news about fan-made games: Broken Sword 2.5: The Return of The Templars has been released. It is an unofficial game created by a group called mindFactory, with the story taking place between Broken Sword II: The Smoking Mirror and Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon.

WOW: WOTLK: Spoiler Information
by Magic, 27th Sep 08
Thanks to the mighty Rommel, I've been told information on one of the major plot developments of World of WarCraft: Wrath of the Lich King. This is being discussed over on the forum and is well worth the read if you have not read about it elsewhere on the net.
AGD Interactive have finally completed their remake of the classic Quest For Glory II: Trial by Fire. Originally a Sierra adventure game (with RPG elements) made in 1990, it was barely touched by gamers years later - including yours truly - due to the 16 colour graphics, a parser-only interface (i.e. text-based commands) and a confusing maze of alleyways in the first city. AGD have remedied all of this, however, and in doing so created a legendary update to the game. For more information, check out their site.


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