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The second part of my StarCraft Script Commentary articles is up. This time it's naturally the zerg campaign of the original StarCraft. Though the campaign doesn't have as much to notate as the Terran one, there are still several interesting facets to mention.

The Protoss campaign is far more interesting (Religion! The individual vs the race!) and I'm already working away. For now, check out the zerg commentary and feel free to leave some feedback for me on the forum.

Part 2 - Zerg Campaign: Overmind
Thanks to Blade66777, Snoopy's Vagrants campaign is now available again. It's been recompiled as a new exe file that no longer requires the Thundergraft dll file, so you can simply download the exe and play.

StarCraft: Vagrants
Interview: Iskatumesk
by Magic, 2nd Feb 09
It's long overdue for a veteran community member - my interview with Iskatumesk is now up and ready for reading!

As a brief disclaimer, I'd just like to say, for people who may have not been fond of Mesk or his style of posting, that they should give this a fair chance and at least a brief glance. Mesk has sometimes driven me crazy with his mannerisms and habits, that's very true, but in this article there are some honest and invoking responses from him. We discuss many aspects of modding - his origins, the early days of StarCraft, his vast amount of work, advice for new modders and his future - and it's much more a thoughtful discussion than a prolonged rant. It's very long as well so it makes for an interesting read to potentially any modder.

So go read it!
I've posted the first part of my StarCraft Script Commentary, beginning with the original Terran campaign.

Simply put, StarCraft was one hell of a good game and the original StarCraft campaign was one hell of a great campaign. No matter what gameplay a developer has made for an RTS, or for any genre for that matter, what enhances a player’s experience is a well-made and captivating storyline.

StarCraft isn’t some generic sci-fi battle for supremacy that ends with one side capturing extensive amounts of territories; it goes beyond that with Terran rebellion and war, the evolution and manifest destiny of the zerg and the Protoss’ fall from grace.

I’ve acquired the entire script for the game (Thanks to Admiral Po at Gamefaqs for posting it – though I believe his work was more of a typed-up transcript than text extracted from the games MPQ data files, hence I found a few minor mistakes) and I will now proceed to make a commentary on it. Do note that a great deal of this is speculation – only the creative guys at Blizzard know for certain what is what.

It’s my hope that some of the comments will aid players of StarCraft 2 in their understanding of the broader story of the series. Enjoy!

Part 1 - Terran Campaign: Rebel Yell

Expect commentaries on the remaining original campaigns and eventually the ones from Brood War in the future.
Gaming Event Changes.
by Ricky Honejasi, 8th Jan 09
Our community's gaming events were changed to :

Phoenix Phriday (War3 TFT)
Starts on Fridays at 8 PM GMT -5 (one hour earlier compared to before)
On Lordaeron (USWest), channel clan LLDN
Intended Max Length : 3-4 hours (instead of 6 hours due to SS)

Satyr Saturday (War3 TFT)
Starts on Saturdays at 8 PM GMT-5 (one hour earlier compared to before)
On Lordaeron (USWest), channel clan LLDN
Intended Max Length : 3-4 hours (instead of 6 hours due to PP)

As always, we welcome newcomers to our events.

-Ricky_Honejasi, event leader.

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