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It's finally done and it's finally here - Iskatumesk's magnum opus and finale project for StarCraft, Armageddon Onslaught. In his own words:

"Armageddon Onslaught is a proof of concept and a technical demonstration. Pitting 7 Terran and Protoss players against a single computer-controlled Armageddon race, the battle for survival begins! AO 3.0 introduces a wide variety of stunning new effects and mechanics over the old release and should provide a far greater challenge. Included is a test map placing control of Armageddon's units in the hands of the player to see them in action in a controlled environment."

See the thread over at Campaign Creations, along with a download link. It also features some voice work from yours truly.

- Magic
Wanderers of Sorceria Book 6 Released
by Lavarinth, 29th Apr 09
Post by Razorclaw X:

Wanderers of Sorceria Book 6 is now released. The Lord of Sorceria awaits your challenge.

When Warcraft 3 was released in 2003 Wanderers of Sorceria was one of the first custom campaigns available at the time, and now, six years later, the long journey is finally drawing to a close. When I initially planned out the entire campaign I thought I could finish the entire story within two years, yet the more I learned how to use the World Editor the more I felt compelled to challenge myself by creating something greater than what came before. In that manner each book starting from the first to the last successively became more sophisticated and technically superior. Whether or not I end up creating another campaign for Warcraft 3 or my next foray into customs ends up being with Starcraft 2, I can look back and know that I finally completed what began so long ago, and now it is your turn to follow through this story to its end.

Download it here!

Source: Campaign Creations
New Affiliate.
by Magic, 20th Apr 09
Samods is now affiliated with, a premier SC news website that have been reporting major information and a vast amount of tidbits on the upcoming StarCraft 2.
The final part of my commentary on the original StarCraft campaigns is up, as the story culminates with the Protoss and the battle for Aiur. There is a great more to explore than the zerg campaign, though the ambiguous design compared to that of the more straight-forward Terran campaign results in deeper and wilder speculation than ever before. I'll leave it to you to decide whether that's a good thing or not. Enjoy!

Part 3 - Protoss Campaign: The Fall

I've enjoyed commenting on the original campaigns and the logical continuation would be to do the same for Brood War. However, with a full-time job my time is more precious than ever and I've had meagre feedback (Thanks Gradius and Rao Dao Zao). I'd like some motivation - so if I receive 25 replies from people to this post in the news forum then I'll attempt it. If not, I won't.
It's BACK! StarCraft Team Fortress creator Hercanic never gives up! He's secretly been back in action working on his pride and joy, STF! From the dark corner of his cubicle in the Campaign Creations HQ (non-existing at the moment) he has partnered up with famed programmer Poiuy_qwert (creator of PyMS) to reproduce STF from the ground up. Using new elements and tools to modify StarCraft, he's brought back something worthy of making you reinstall your most prized memory, if you had for some unknown reason uninstalled it. Trust me, I've played it, and it's worth every waking morning that you sat up on your bed and murmured.. "I wish STF would of kept going.."

Welcome back the active updates of StarCraft Team Fortress!

Read more about the announcement, download the Beta, and discuss with us over at our forums in this thread!

Source: Campaign Creations

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