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To summarise as initially reported by Gamasutra, Blizzard recently sued six people for hacking StarCraft 2 in a bid to run the game on emulated servers. Apparently the group were working to modify the AI to create more of a challenge. The suit has been since dropped, while Blizzard has gone on to tell Gamasutra that they are willing to take legal action as necessary.

The original complaint alleged that the "SC2 Pirate Community is working in concert, largely over the internet, to obtain and access unauthorized or 'cracked' game clients and develop an unauthorized, pirated version of, with the goal of enabling members of this community to benefit from Blizzard's development of SC2 without paying for it."
Scars of Conflict.
by Magic, 11th Apr 10
Linaze's WarCraft 3 campaign entitled Scars of Conflict has a subforum in the WarCraft Projects of the forum. It's set in the WarCraft 2 era and is hiring. See the FAQ or screenshots threads for more information.
In between the many facets of real life business, I've finally finished my second part of my commentary on StarCraft: Brood War. This time it's chapter 5, the second Terran campaign that follows the UED's invasion of the Koprulu sector.

Brood War Commentary - Index.
5 - Terran Campaign - Iron Fist - Commentary.

Check it out and let me know what you think on the forum!

Sorry for the delay. :)

- Magic
The History of RTS Games - Dune 2
by Magic, 11th Mar 10
It was posted a while ago, but perhaps some people missed it. Inspired by the likes of Angry Video Game Nerd and Spoony One, I've uploaded a prototype of a video commentary series about the history of Real Time Strategy games. The first game is, naturally, arguably the first true RTS - Dune 2: The Building of a Dynasty by Westwood Studios.

What do you think? I'd love to hear feedback - is it a good concept for a series? How could it be improved? What features could be implemented? Which games should be covered? Post about it on the forum.
As the follow-up to my commentary of the original StarCraft, I've posted my first part of Brood War, featuring a look at the introduction cinematic and the entire Protoss campaign.

Brood War Commentary - Index.
4 - Protoss Campaign - The Stand - Commentary.

Go check it out!

- Magic

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