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Melee Maps and New Article.
by Magic, 8th Jan 11
1. StarCraft Melee Maps

Andrew King has kindly donated a selection of melee maps for the original StarCraft and Brood War. Check them out here!

2. Article: Behind the Veil

Once you see how the magic tricks actually work, you can't go back to ignorance. You can't be as easily fooled or amazed anymore and you can't particularly unlearn the knowledge as to how those tricks are performed.

How hard do game designers have to work? Read on here.

- Magic
I Need Help.
by Magic, 18th Dec 10 has a hands on article about StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, with their thoughts on the single player experience.

Meanwhile, has put up an interview with the exec VP and int. PR manager of Blizzard, with thoughts on the dev process, social network websites, achievements and the game's changed age rating in South Korea.

You can read Pearce's individual comments on how micro-transactions won't work for SC2 here.

Please note that you have to register to read the Gamesindustry articles. Nothing's free, mate.

- M
Webmaster Wanted.
by Magic, 17th May 10
Samods needs a webmaster!

I'm currently looking for an individual to help out reboot the site - either as it is now but with a fresh layout, or as a completely new entity entirely.

Knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP, and Drupal is essential, while experience with SMF or graphic editing would be welcome but not necessary. Please mail me ( or message me over the Samods forum to apply.
It's been a long time since I started my commentary series on StarCraft, almost a year and a half in fact which is quite scary, but: it is done. My commentary on the zerg campaign in Brood War is finally available - check it out so you don't miss out!

Just how powerful is the Queen of Blades? How far can she pull the strings of the faction leaders in the Koprulu Sector? Where are things heading for StarCraft 2? Hopefully my commentary reveals some answers, or at least some intriguing new questions, as well as wrapping up the original storyline arc that Blizzard created so long ago and are soon to renew.

If you missed my commentary on the original StarCraft then you can check it out here. Feel free post your thoughts on the Samods forum.

- Magic

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