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The first thing everyone wants to know is: "What IS this?"

The game is to be an RTS/RTT game crafted from the freely-available Ogre 3D engine. Ogre is merely a base for our efforts programming-wise, but it satisfies our needs for most of the graphical portion of the engine, and also offers us resources in other areas. The game will utilize the OpenGL API for graphics as opposed to the Direct3D API (with OpenGL, we don't need to distinguish between Vista and XP and can bring the same graphical quality to both).

The game will be set in a galaxy of our own creation. Genre-wise, it can be classified as a sci-fi fantasy game (ex- Dawn of War). The story will ensconce our entire custom galaxy, but for the purposes of this game only four of the many factions and races of our galaxy will be playable- those races do not yet have final names, but they are currently being called by the generic, temporary names of humans (we're currently beginning to call them the Protectorate internally- this is entrenched within the storyline), lycan, vampires, and bio-freaks. We shall unveil more on the storyline at a later date.

However, the main focus of this page at the moment is to enlighten readers on the gameplay. As previously noted, we plan to create an RTS/RTT game with four distinct factions. These factions will indeed be distinct. Each faction will procure resources and units in differing manners, each faction will possess different units and technologies, and each faction will utilize varying strategies to achieve their goals. The humans will embrace the most familiar strategy in that they will rely on the most familiar technology and traditional means of making war. They will wield realistic technology that could be found on Earth 150 years from now - metalstorm, rail guns, missiles, and defensive lasers will prove prevalent in their weaponry. Their tactics and strategies roughly parallel those of the US Military as they can bring withering firepower to bear but don't merely trundle forth in long firing lines. On the other hand, the vampires take a more surgical approach to warfare, utilizing their fleet and lithe forces to mount surgical strikes on enemies. Their weaponry is sleek and swift, able to deal death accurately and precisely exactly where they want it, and nowhere else. On the other hand, the lycan focus on guerrilla warfare and the indiscriminate slaughter of their enemies. They focus on ambushing enemies, letting loose furious assaults, and then getting away before the real fight begins and their small numbers and inferior technology let them down. The bio-freaks are conquerors. This permeates throughout the race- from their resource system to their strategies to their tactics. The bio-freaks have no qualms against amassing large numbers of units and utilizing their numerical advantage- but at the same time they also have enormous biological "tanks" which can wade through enemies.

The game will make use of numerous systems to bring to life a deep, yet highly accessible RTS/RTT. The game will support destructible environments, and the environment will play a large role in the game. The environment will offer cover to units from enemies- not only in the form of barriers to intercept projectiles as in Company of Heroes, but also as in barriers to prevent prying eyes courtesy of our new visibility system. Projectiles will all be rendered in the environment, similar to how they are in FPS games. That means that what a projectile hits, it hits- even more literally so because it will matter where a projectile hits on a unit. Units will be subject to accuracy and recoil, as well as the necessity of reloading. Combat will be deep, and tactics will play a major role. These realistic systems allow us to bring into play strategies of guerrilla and surgical warfare such as those the lycan and vampires utilize, and these systems also allow us to create a fuller, more immersive, and deeper game than we otherwise could. The game will also feature extensive behavioral controls and the ability to form one's own squads. No longer shall players be restricted to either having squads or not having squads. Squads will serve as one mechanism of automation available to players. The game will provide extreme depth which players can explore, but the game will also maintain extensive accessibility. We'll discuss this in due time, as we shall our hero system- the officer system- which will provide a new, innovative take on "heroes". Essentially, we are pushing for both an evolution and a revolution with this RTS/RTT game from a design standpoint.

Nonetheless, the actual game itself is only part of the goal of our project. Our second goal is to create a superior platform for mappers and modders. To this extent, we plan for a large, effective, powerful map editor to offer the ability to create maps superior to those in WC3. Additionally, we plan to make the game as moddable as possible. Finally, we wish to ensure that even small teams can produce quality results. We'll soon be unveiling our plans to ensure that mappers and modders alike have a wide variety of art available to them which complies with the technical specifications of our game.

This is, and was admittedly intended to be, a rather vague summary of our plans. However, we hope it has better-clarified our intents. Certainly, we intend to further clarify nearly everything presented here at a later date. We have much to discuss in that respect, and reveal it all we shall- just not yet. We're currently hard at work on producing a demo of sorts which will grant us basic RTS functionality and which will provide a platform for our further development. We hope to have that complete by the end of the summer. Additionally, by the end of the summer we fully expect that we will have a full website up and running. I should also mention that we intend to make another major announcement by the end of the summer. So stay tuned, and we'll keep you tuned on our progress.

Please note that any of the above is subject to change. The above statements represent largely our plans, and we are yet early in development, and so though we feel we can indeed properly execute all of our current plans, it may become apparent at a later date that changes need to be made to the plans. Nonetheless, we'll attempt to keep our fans apprised of such events as they occur.

We are still recruiting! If you are interested in lending your skills to the project, please visit the Apply section of our forums.

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