No More Heroes

No More Heroes is an alternate way of playing Warcraft III. The largest differences are that Heroes are completely removed, and ordinary units are able to use all the items in the game.

This is a Self Executing MPQ, made with MPQDraft. It can be played both online or in singleplayer. You can only play with others if they are using the same version of the SEMPQ.

In addition, I have released the full object data of this mod. You can download the latest version of the Object Data here.

This mod has a lot of changes in game play, and fundamentally changes how Warcraft III works. Below is a small list of the changes made to the gameplay of Warcraft III:
  • Everyone now starts with 50 Gold and 100 Lumber.
  • Haunted Gold Mines and Entangled Gold Mines now hold 8 Acolytes/Wisps. Regular Mines now have a capacity of 2 (it was 1 before)
  • The Health of all Towers is doubled, and the health of Burrows, Ziggurats, and Scout Towers is increased by 100-200.
  • By Enabling the "Random heroes" option prior to beginning the game, all players will receive one hero, a tiny bit different than the old ones. (Undead are the exception, they still have a Lich) There is only one hero per race.
  • Upkeep is abolished, it no longer exists in the game.
  • Most if not all items which effected Strength, Intelligence and Agility have been changed to effect Movement Speed, Attack Speed, Health, Mana, Regeneration Rate of either, or an Attack Bonus of varying amounts.
  • All Player Built Shops removed
  • All players now have Naval units and a Naval Yard.
  • All Neutral and Race Specific heroes have been removed from the game
  • All Race specific units have been given one inventory slot per food cost*
  • All units with an Inventory are able to use all items**
  • Inventories do not require any upgrades
  • Food limit has been doubled to 200
  • Health of all units halved
  • Gold and Lumber cost of all units halved
  • Altars now require tier two (Therefore Tier Two no longer requires Altars)
  • Tier Three now requires an Altar
  • Altars now have two Global Auras, one is available for research at tier two, and the other is at tier three.***
  • The Tavern has been changed to the Mercenary Forge building, a new shop which allows you to buy powerful armor and weapons for your units.
  • Computer players have new AI scripts which let them know they don't need heroes, and that they don't USE heroes.
* Units which cost 7 food were given 6 slots.
** All Items which effect Hero Level, Strength, Agility, or Intelligence have been changed or will be changed to items which effect Non-hero stats. (i.e. all Tomes have been made into copies of "Manual of Health.")

*** The Auras are such:
Tier 2Tier 3
HumanDevotion AuraBrilliance Aura
OrcEndurance AuraCommand Aura
UndeadUnholy AuraVampiric Aura
Night ElfThorns AuraTrueshot Aura

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