Modding Tools for Warcraft 3

Following is the compilation of the latest (Feb 26, 2008) wc3 modding tools that I have personally used and well, they work just fine (not checked under Vista). Do note that this page is just here to serve as a library for all useful wc3 tools. You can find most updates for these tools over at Wc3Campaigns forum (and most tool authors as well).
- Nikhil Sharma (desmasic)

Some programs like WinMPQ require visual basic files installation. Following archive contains VB 3/4/6 installations (works on x64 WindowsXP):
- Download VB Files Package

Every file has been scanned for any virus/malware presence during upload. You will need WinRAR for unrarring these files. All files work fine with TFT patch 1.21b last checked.

-DOWNLOAD World Editor Unlimited (v1.20)
Enhanced Wc3 world editor. A must have tool.

-DOWNLOAD WinMPQ (v1.64)
For opening MPQ archives and extracting content from.

-DOWNLOAD Wc3 Model Editor (v1.05)
Edit/create models or special-effects and work with textures at the same time.

-DOWNLOAD Wc3 Image Extractor 2 (v2.0)
Work with textures. Simple and effective tool with image previews.

-DOWNLOAD Wc3 Map Optimizer (v4.5)
Protect, compress and optimize your map for B.Net or offline play (doesn't work with w3n files).

-DOWNLOAD MDX Squisher (v1.0)
Compress models without any loss in visual quality. Great for B.Net maps using custom models.

-DOWNLOAD MDX Pather (v1.01)
Quickly change texture paths in mdx files.

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