Last Exodus


If Trinity was to be my ill-fated campaign for StarCraft that would be delayed and go unreleased, despite my tender work, then sadly Last Exodus was to be the same but for WarCraft 3. I even matched the amount of ultimately playable and released levels, an introduction and first level in addition to vast amounts of design and voice work, like Trinity.

It was to be the tale of Tarok, one of the last shamanistic chieftains of a tribe in the orcish homeworld of Draenor. Due to rising tensions with the other (now blood-lusted due to demonic influence) clans, he sought to evacuate his people to Azeroth. It took place before and during the events of WarCraft 1 and sequels would be within WarCraft 2 and 3 then beyond. Much of the story, however, was made null and void due to changes in the WarCraft lore and the advent of World of WarCraft.

Tarok lived on, in a form, as my character for WOW on, oddly enough, the Draenor server in Europe, for two years no less before I grew tired of the game.

Campaign design and synopsis

My original design of the campaign, including an overview, characters and the first episode's plot. It's mostly accurate to what went ahead though different in several minor ways.

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Level scripts

All of the scripts I created for the first installment of the campaign. Thanks to Shade and Thrillias for their feedback at the time.

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Level downloads

I completed the introduction and first playable levels for Last Exodus. Simply load these into WarCraft 3 and start the intro.


Unit responses

Recorded responses for Tarok.


Fiction: The Rise and Fall of Shamanism

Background history on the state of shamanism on Draenor.

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Fiction: Foreshadows

A story of multiple chapters showing the events leading up to the start of the campaign.

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