Ah, Trinity. Where did it begin? Back at the very start of my StarCraft 'career', I created a campaign called 'Invaders' which was about, naturally, a Zerg invasion of a Terran world. The player defended it as the Terran Dominion, gathered artefacts as the New Swarm of the Zerg Cerebrate Lesheck and destroyed the Cerebrate's nefarious plans alongside Judicator Osiris of a Protoss Expeditionary Fleet.

Then there was the sequel, the original 'Trinity', which featured the return of Lesheck as again the Dominion and Protoss Expeditionary Forces confronted him, culminating in a vast battle of three racial factions versus three other racial factions.

Both were very basic campaigns, consisting of "Build and destroy" objectives in all of the approximately twenty missions (All you did was create a map, slap in a few bases, set up a briefing telling you who to destroy and there you go!).

I eventually began remaking the campaign, re-designing the story and focussing on quality, including full music and voice acting. Over the course of years, I delayed it time and time again, due to a mixture of factors such as college and university work, a social life, plus a lack of motivation and abundance of laziness. I designed a decent proportion of it - characters, music selections, new units and sounds, voice work, technical parts - and really enjoyed myself but eventually the only result was the creation of the exe file and the introduction and first Terran levels. I realised it wasn't going to be completed so I cancelled the project. It was certainly very fun and I learned a great deal, such that I am continuing in my other work.

Title screen by Joel - Dominion Sapphire Fleet approaching the world of Polaris.


Main Executible File

Used to load the campaign files, including new units, responses and graphics. Put it in your SC directory and run it then select the levels below to play them, starting with the intro.

I'm afraid I can't remember which version of Brood War is compatible with this. Thanks to Snoopy for his help many years ago with this!

Introduction Level

On the world of Polaris, forces invade the snow-covered Terran world while another observes from the shadows ...

Terran Level 1

As the Dominion fleet arrives to investigate the distress call, a single squadron is sent to the surface to make contact with an outpost ...


The original trailer I made for the campaign. The lines weren't actually all readily available, they were specifically recorded so I could put it together - to be fair, the campaign was going to be very long so having it all recorded would have been another major effort and I couldn't resist mixing this together. I really was convinced that I could handle most of the characters too, it seems obvious now that my voice isn't distinguishable enough. The Dune music really brings it alive, the set timings of the lines to it are great.



I enjoyed writing fiction for my campaigns and had the incentive in the inspiration by (and in an attempt to match) the legendary campaign The Antioch Chronicles. The following were the results and though they are certainly vastly different from my current standards I still appreciate how my skills developed in the times that followed.

'Escape From Char'
Summary: The Dark Templars Tokorn and Reskorn attempt to evade the Zerg and return to their fleet before all is lost ...

'Lieutenant's Log: Luther Zöller'
Summary: The lieutenant of Beta outpost records his attempts to keep his facility in line, as well as sane ...

Summary: Karl 'Butcher' MacArthur is not just a pirate leader, he's an extremely devious pirate leader, obsessed with controlling everyone around him into assisting his long-term goals. His major scheme is now coming into fruition at long last ...

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