StarCraft modding tools


by ShadowFlare
[Download] 204KB, version 1.64
Official site: Shadowflare's Realm

Used to extract and store files in MPQ files, Blizzard's proprietry archive format (like a ZIP file). This allows you to access the data files stored in StarCraft's default MPQs and put your modified data files in your own custom MPQ file for easy distribution. This download includes the list file required to find the files inside StarCraft's archives.


by Quantam
[Download] 344KB, build 2003.7.30.1
Official site on

Launches StarCraft (or other Blizzard programs, such as Diablo II and Warcraft III) using one or more custom MPQs to override certain game data, and can create a self-running mod file allowing you to distribute mods that can be played by other users without MPQDraft, and only including those data files that you have modified to save greatly on file size. Also can run various plugins to allow for further game modification.


by ShadowFlare
[Download] 131KB, beta version 1.30
Official site: Shadowflare's Realm

Makes StarCraft use mod files contained within an SCM/SCX file when that map is played, allowing for easier playing of mods over (if all players use SCMLoader) or for more flexibility between different missions in a campaign. Also includes the functionality of ShadowFlare's playlist plugin. Comes as a standalone program & an MPQDraft plugin.


by Suicidal Insanity
[Download] 1,003KB, version 0.8.0
Official site: Stormcoast Fortress

A third party map editor for StarCraft, allowing for unit placement, tile placement, editing player settings etc that is not possible in regular StarEdit.


by BroodKiller
[Download] 1,164KB, version 1.5
Official site: Stormcoast Fortress

Edits a number of .dat files used by StarCraft that control key things including unit & weapon stats and various graphical settings.


by DiscipleOfAdun
[Download] 1,153KB, version 0.9.2
Official site: Stormcoast Fortress

Taking the place of obsolete programs StarGraft and MemGraft, FireGraft allows you to edit unit abilities and the tech tree, as well as various other settings such as the number of spider mines carried by a vulture and the amount of resources that can be harvested at once.

This version works with StarCraft: Brood War version 1.15. FireGraft has only recently been released so check back often for updates, and post any feedback or bug reports in the thread in the Star Alliance forum or in the FireGraft forum at Stormcoast Fortress.


by ShadowFlare
[Download] 15KB, version 1.10
Official site: Shadowflare's Realm

Edits the .tbl files used by StarCraft to store various text data such as unit & upgrade names, unit ranks, AI squadron/brood/tribe names etc.


by RetroActive
[Download] 268KB, version 1.85
Allows conversion between StarCraft's GRP files, used for unit graphics etc; and bitmap files editable in any image editing program such as Photoshop or MS Paint. Somewhat prone to bugs and corrupting files, however.

SF GRP Converter

by ShadowFlare
[Download] 53KB, updated 17th August 2007
Official site: Shadowflare's Realm

Converts between GRP and BMP files like RetroGRP, but has less features and fortunately also less bugs.


by DI/updated by ShadowFlare
[Download] 621KB, version 0.91
Official site: Shadowflare's Realm

Edits StarCraft's iscript.bin file that contains information on unit animation sequences, to control things such as when certain frames in the unit's GRP file are played as well as controlling shadows, timing of sound effects etc.


by ShadowFlare
[Download] 13KB, version 1.0
Official site: Shadowflare's Realm

Edits the various .loa, .lob etc. files used by StarCraft to define the placement of graphical overlays such as turrets, ship thrusters, building flames etc.


by Nossirahdrof
[Download] 203KB, version 2.2.0
Edits of StarCraft tilesets - graphics, pathing, etc.

SC AI Edit

by Gold Dragon
[Download] 2,402KB, version 3.1
Edits StarCraft AI scripts, to change computer players' build order etc.


by ShadowFlare
[Download] 31KB, version 0.91
Official site: Shadowflare's Realm

Edits the .bin files in StarCraft that define the visual interface such as menus and the in-game controls.

Smacker Tools

Official site: RAD Game Tools
Download "The Old Smacker Tools" (1.9MB) from the official site to edit the video files used for unit portraits and the between-mission CGI cutscenes.

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