Life of a Marine

The Koprulu Sector is a turbulent place, torn apart by war after war, decimated planets in its wake. It has occured on such a grand scale that sometimes we forget about the individuals who put it all on the line for their cause. Meet Lieutenant Jack Sherall, a Marine in the Terran Dominion whose life has been thrust into the fray, leaving him and everyone around him forever changed. Come and experience the Life of a Marine.


Life of a Marine requires StarCraft and the Brood War expansion to play.

Unzip and place in your StarCraft\maps folder
Chapter 1: Trials
regular (7.76MB) - lite (357KB)
Chapter 2: Battlefields
regular (10.97MB) - lite (429KB)
Chapter 3: Invasion
regular (8.87MB) - lite (365KB)
Chapter 4: Karma
regular (15.1MB) - lite (287KB)
Chapter 5: Twenty-Two Point Three
regular (12.45MB) - lite (652KB)
Chapter 6: Shadow's Grave
regular (11.51MB) - lite (443KB)
Chapter 7: Death of Innocence
regular (16.51MB) - lite (831KB)
Epilogue: Requiem for a Ghost
Included with Chapter 7

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