Sevron. Out of the reach of the Koprulu sector, a billion miles from Earth, a safe haven for former Confederate citizens. This lush, fertile planet cradles the Sevron Republic, a neutral faction of peaceful citizens. Then, the UED came, left, returned, and the planet was set to the flame as the Zerg arrived in hot pursuit of the UED. Chaos, slaughter, death and destruction ensued.

All was not lost though, for what was once destroyed rises again from the ashes. Under the leadership of the one time President Gavre and his loyal Colonel Ted Stillman, the Sevron Republic has been reborn. However, many challenges await, as a conspiracy runs under the conflict and a dark templar prelate observes the conflict with vested interested.

You are the second Colonel under Gavre's command. Can you free Sevron, and bring about the Liberation?

Liberation is a Starcraft campaign consisting of 10 full missions that will take you right through the heart of the Sevron conflict. You will rescue prisoners, fight epic space battles and engage in covert missions to free Sevron from it's oppressors.

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Liberation EXE (0.9MB)
Map 1 (4.0MB)
Map 2 (4.1MB)
Map 3 (6.6MB)
Map 4 (4.0MB)
Map 5 (4.1MB)
Map 6 (2.3MB)
Map 7 (8.7MB)
Map 8 (3.5MB)
Map 9 (8.9MB)

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