Flame Knives

The Flame Knives is an original Starcraft: Brood War campaign that takes place on the Protoss refugee world of Kharnikha. Join Executor Maradun of the Kharnikhan Empire against the enemies of the Hawk's Throne, in an environment where conspiracies, ancient secrets and treason are a constant.

Kharnikha, an ancient world formerly inhabitated by an unknown race, was conquered by a group of Protoss exilees during the Aeon of Strife. Led by Judicator Haissar, the exilees managed to develop a civilization isolated from the greedy Conclave. This culture was further known as the Kharnikhan Empire, and it was based on the centered power around Emperor Ashtorium, the heir of Haissar.

Although a few meaningless dissidences had arisen among the merchant tribes of the Kharnikhan wildlands, the Empire reigned uncontested on this land...so far. Now, an ancient force is about to claim the lives of all Kharnikhans to itself...

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Flame Knives requires StarCraft and the Brood War expansion to play.

Windows executables:

Flame Knives EXE (23.4MB) - required to play
Brood War 1.10 files (2.0MB) - required to play
Back up your starcraft.exe, staredit.exe, storm.dll and patch_rt.mpq files and extract the Brood War 1.10 files into your StarCraft folder. Run the Flame Knives EXE to play the campaign with modified graphics, sounds etc.


Unzip and place in your StarCraft\maps folder
Map 1 (13.1MB)
Map 2 (9.3MB)
Map 3 (13.0MB)
Map 4 (17.4MB)
Map 5 (11.9MB)
Map 6 (15.2MB)
Map 7 (14.6MB)
Map 8 (6.8MB)
Map 9 (21.6MB)
Map 10 (24.4MB)
Map 11 (22.5MB)
Map 12 (30.2MB)
Map 13 (18.2MB)
Map 14 (39.6MB)

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