Carnage Mod

Version 1.0

This is a mod for StarCraft that adds four units to the game - two Zerg, one Protoss and one Terran.



Readme file

Formerly Thrax's Units Mod

Version 1.0

This is a mod for StarCraft that adds four units to the game- two Zerg, one Protoss and one Terran.

Place the Patch_rt.mpq in your directory (Make backup of an existing one) and load StarCraft. Play a level with the Terran Siege Tank, Terran Valkyrie Protoss Corsair and Zerg Devourer to see them all. The z_Everything.scx map has been included if you do not have such a map (Press End in your map directory in-game to get to it quicker). Note that this was put together mainly for evaluation- the units replace StarCraft ones that are not necessarily replaced ideally. The Wurm, for example, replaces the Siege Tank simply because it was easy to do so with the siege mode button present.

You will really need to learn or find someone with the skills to edit StarCraft if you intend to use them further. The purpose of this form of the mod was to be able to give the majority of the files out for people to utilise,
while being able to be previewed easily in StarCraft, unlike some that require StarGraft editing before you can even view a new unit you've downloaded. In a dream version, I'd love to see the units be completely new (Not replacing others), Blizzard qualtiy portraits, unique attacks and new sound effects...but that's the way it is, so use what there is and I hope you appreciate the efforts made by everyone here. :)

You are allowed to use the sounds, portraits or units however they want as long as credit is given to the respective party's (This is mostly a group effort after all)- see the credits area below for who did what. Use the sounds for a hero of yours, rename the units and use them in your campaign MPQ, take and use the portraits for your own mod, edit this readme file for your own production, etc. What we've done is set the groundwork and give examples of how to use them. It's up to you to modify it as you see fit.





-Four new units. The nimble Terran Mosquito, the massive Zerg Wurm, the mighty Protoss Desolator and the menacing Zerg Octolisk.

-New unit responses for all units, including yes, whats and peeved sounds.

-Completely new portraits.

-Working new wireframes.

-Integration into StarCraft, though currently at expense of Brood War units and Terran Siege Tank.

Unit descriptions

The Koprulu Sector remains in turmoil. After war has reached and decimated nearly every single planet, strife has become commonplace. This state of affairs has lead to the development of new technology's and creatures by the powers that be.

Zerg Octolisk
Strain: Taronis Mavria Jellyfish
Heavy assault unit
Attack: Corrosive Acid
During the viscous Zerg assault of the Confederate homeworld, large areas of the oceans of Tarsonis were laid bare and thus the Zerg larvae merged and assimilated one of the seabeds mightiest lifeforms. In addition to its deadly attack, its organs were adapted by the Zerg and given the ability to soar the skies. It is now a lethal addition to the mighty Swarm.

Zerg Wurm
Strain: Tarsonis Worm
Elite stealth unit
Attack: Acidic glob
A cunning Cerebrate brought about the evolution of a large ground-dwelling worm upon Tarsonis, eventually developing it into a massive behemoth. The Wurm can move underground when burrowed, it's vast form smashing past most rock and dirt. When it is called to the surface, its monstrous head appears, capable of spewing a far-ranging acidic glob to burn it's enemies, though it is then entrenched and unable to move.

Protoss Desolator
Assault cruiser
Attack: Phase disruptor
During the massive Zerg aerial invasion of Shakuras, Khalai and Dark Templar workers sought to create a heavily armoured battleship to beat back the alien threat that came via Aiur. Though the Zerg were repelled utilising the archaic Xel'Nagan Temple, the workers prototype of a larger, directly firing craft was deemed successful and are now used by the Protoss in all forms of warfare. It is a well rounded craft suited for any situation, though the almost unstable materials aboard it are frowned upon by many of the Protoss.

Terran Mosquito
Light scout craft
Attack: Heavy Halo missile
Designed originally as a side project, Dominion scientists have created this small, cheap, yet fast craft. Based off the plans of the Valkyrie, it is highly useful for both swift scouting and hit-and-run tactics. Due to its small frame and engines, it has a slow pause time in between firing but this has been compensated with a heavier version of the Halo missile.


Project leader and organiser

Technical work

Thraxerzog and his friends

Zerg Wurm- Joel Steudler
Protoss figure- Ius
Terran Hacker- Jasen


Unit response sounds
Zerg Octolisk- Magic
Zerg Wurm- Magic
Protoss Desolator- Judicator Aklan
Terran Mosquito- Guesswho


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