Aeon of the Hawk

The Koprulu Sector is a huge area of space constantly contested by three major races; the Protoss, the Terrans and the Zerg. Far from the Zerg-infested core systems, holding their own against alien invasions, the multiple Terran governments and factions observe each other with greed and distrust. Neutral worlds and deep space stations serve as safe havens for the scum of the galaxy, who takes refuge in such lawless fringe areas and carry on their sneaky business there.

Athlys III is an independent colony, ruled by a group of corporations who mirror the external governments with a tense distrust and espionage. The more powerful factions gaze at this rich world with lustful eyes, forever waiting for an opportunity to shake the balance of power.

Caught in the middle of this situation, the representatives of the Umojan Protectorate will painfully learn the ways of The Hawk, a mysterious figure who seeks to obtain an advantage and bring change to the political scene of Athlys III...

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Aeon of the Hawk requires StarCraft and the Brood War expansion to play.

Executable file

Unfortunately it needs Brood War patch 1.10 due to some custom hero abilities. The files for both 1.10 and 1.15-A are contained in the zip. Just unzip the 1.10 files in your SC folder and have fun. If you're not feeling safe, backup staredit.exe, starcraft.exe, patch_rt.mpq and storm.dll(those are the only files changed by patches). Run the executable, select Play Custom -> Use Map Settings and have fun. The exe is absolutely needed. (19.0 MB)


Some of the episodes are zipped because they include an addon cutscene map. Download and unzip the .zip ones in a folder under your Starcraft/Maps directory.

Due to complaints regarding the difficulty of the campaign, an easy version was made. The differences are mostly related to upgrades of all units in the map, hero stats, some enemy units being removed and a few trigger tweaks and changes, decreasing the difficulty by a good amount.

Episode 1: original / easy version (11.0 MB)
Episode 2: original / easy version (9.8 MB)
Episode 3: original / easy version (24.1 MB)
Episode 4: original / easy version (12.6 MB)
Episode 5: original / easy version (10.4 MB)
Episode 6: original / easy version (10.4 MB)
Episode 7: original / easy version (19.4 MB)
Episode 8: original / easy version (8.9 MB)
Episode 9: original / easy version (28.8 MB)
Episode 10: original / easy version (42.4 MB)

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