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  • Resources - extra graphics etc to change your StarCraft experience
  • Modding tools - various editors etc to change more about the game than you can using StarEdit alone

Hosted projects

Aeon of the Hawk by Metathrom
Campaign / Completed / Downloads available
Athlys III is an independent colony, ruled by a group of corporations who mirror the external governments with a tense distrust and espionage. The more powerful factions gaze at this rich world with lustful eyes, forever waiting for an opportunity to shake the balance of power.

Caught in the middle of this situation, the representatives of the Umojan Protectorate will painfully learn the ways of The Hawk, a mysterious figure who seeks to obtain an advantage and bring change to the political scene of Athlys III...
Banshee by Blade66777
Campaign / Work in progress / Downloads available
Code Red by Taeradun
Campaign / Work in progress / No downloads yet
Part satire and part graphics modding demo, Code Red takes place after peace breaks out in the Koprulu Sector once Terrans, Protoss & Zerg form an alliance. Then the Soviets invade.
Fall of the Gods by Snoopy
Campaign / Complete / Downloads available
Fall of the Gods is a campaign for Starcraft: Brood War based upon the book "Fall of the Gods", created by the prominent Russian fantasy writer Nick Perumov. The storyline was completely transferred from the book with as few deviations as possible, just a bit "starcraftized".
Flame Knives by Metathrom
Campaign / Complete / Downloads available
The Flame Knives is an original Starcraft: Brood War campaign that takes place on the Protoss refugee world of Kharnikha. Join Executor Maradun of the Kharnikhan Empire against the enemies of the Hawk's Throne, in an environment where conspiracies, ancient secrets and treason are a constant.
Liberation by J.D.
Campaign / Complete / Downloads available
Life of a Marine by Gemini
Campaign / Complete / Downloads available
The Koprulu Sector is a turbulent place, torn apart by war after war, decimated planets in its wake. It has occured on such a grand scale that sometimes we forget about the individuals who put it all on the line for their cause. Meet Lieutenant Jack Sherall, a Marine in the Terran Dominion whose life has been thrust into the fray, leaving him and everyone around him forever changed. Come and experience the Life of a Marine.
Newrand Citadel by Messiah00Guy
Campaign / Cancelled / Downloads available
Trinity by Magic
Campaign / Cancelled / Downloads available
Vagrants by Snoopy and Rommel
Campaign / Complete / Downloads available
Vagrants is a 8-mission all-race campaign set in the Starcraft universe, during much of the original Starcraft storyline (from later Rebel Yell to the end of The Fall). It describes the story of five young warriors which arrive to the nameless colony of IW-059 from the Confederate academy on Tarsonis. While they think that fate has granted them a quiet harbor to learn and gain experience in the military, they are all gravely mistaken. Very soon, they will be absorbed in the struggle of powers in this sector of space...
Wicked Reality by Ling-Mac
Campaign / Complete / Downloads available
In all likelyhood, the weirdest campaign you'll ever play. Emphasis on gameplay and atmosphere, with plenty of music from the golden age of videogames. Completely independent from Starcraft's universe and storyline.

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