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NOTE: Click the links to directly download the movies. We recommend that you watch them before you read the commentary sections as they have spoilers about the content (This especially matters for the comedy vids).

1 - "Big Gun: A Tribute to Final Fantasy 7's Junon Cannon" (Download)
2 - "Arthas - Sad But True" (Download)
3 - "Diablo 2 - The Sin War" (Download)
4 - "WarCraft 3: Orcs (A Tribute to Pissed off Greenskins)" (Download)
5 - "Amon Hen Remix" (Download)

1 - "Return of the Jedi King" (Download Version A. Download Version B.)
2 - "Kill Bill Payne" (Download)
3 - "The Frozen Ring" (Download)
4 - "WarCraft 3: Brood War - Ending" (Download)
5 - "Arthas Fart" (Download)
6. "Arthas \ Beavis" (Download)



1. "Big Gun: A Tribute to Final Fantasy 7's Junon Cannon"

Music Used: AC/DC - Big Gun
Track Length: 4:23 minutes
Total Footage Size: 136 MB (Junon cannon and of the Weapon's from FF7)
Total Footage Length: 6:33 minutes
Final Movie Size: 4.65 MB

Authors comments: My first movie, dedicated to the huge cannon in Final Fantasy 7. I'm a listener of AC/DC and remembered the cannon as I replayed the game on the PC - the match was just perfect beyond reckoning and I knew that I had to make a movie some time. I had tried AudioDub, but found it a little difficult to get into but then I saw a Metal Gear Solid movie by WhoIsBetterOffDead on the SA Forum. He said he had used Windows Movie Maker to create it, and I then realised it was in my Programs Files all along! (I suppose it's understandable to avoid using anything with the 'Microsoft' word in them). So I had a go.

Overall, I think it's a brilliant movie, if I may say so myself! Don't give me too much credit though - some of the timings - when the music and lyrics match up to the movie's events - were coincidental and 'lucky' on my part, like the beat on when the panels rise up at Junon near the start, though I did spend ages getting the "Big Gun" timing on the cannons shots right. I spent a total time spent of about 3-4 hours on this, though I had just started to learn how to use Movie Maker. I'm not sure if I could improve this further - it's very much how I imagined it, though I recently fixed and compressed it at a bigger size. I was thinking about using 'Fire Your Guns', also by AC/DC, as the music but it doesn't fit as much (It also has a major sexual connotation whereas Big Gun is not - it's actually about firearms and criminals).

Favourite bit: The timing on "Big Gun!" when the cannon first fires, especially the other time when WEAPON gets its head blown off ... and the other great timings, like the Mako reactors charging up and the ending blast hitting the Northern Crater force field.


2. "Arthas - Sad But True"

Music used: Metallica - Sad But True
Track length: 5:24 minutes
Total Footage Size: 46.3 MB
Total Footage Length: 5:37 minutes
Final Movie Size: 21.2 MB

Authors comments: My biggest movie, but not necessarily my best. I've been wanting to do this for ages - at least something with Arthas in to the tune of a suitabe rock or metal track. Tearaway by Drowning Pool was another candidate for example. Unfortunately, there wasn't a huge amount of footage available - only two movies: Arthas returning from Northrend (After becoming possessed by the Lich King) and the ending when he merges with the Lich King at the Frozen Throne. I did feel a bit lazy by not editing much (I could have just told people to play the movies together with the music in WinAmp :-/), but there was little I could have done. I at least ensured that the majority of it matched up very finely to the music anyway. It actually works great as it is, with one clip after the other nonetheless.

I really tried to keep the total size down originally, but at either 5 or 6 MB the bass and drums got very distorted. The track is fairly long as it is, and I only snipped off a small part of the music to tidy up the ending. About 2 hours were spent on this, though some of that was the file compressing (Four attempts at different sizes - about 6 minutes each) and a toothache after a dental appointment didn't help my effiency (Excuses, excuses :-P).

When Arthas picks up the helm there's a sudden flash of blackness, part of the transition between the two segments. I've double checked this and recompiled the movie, but it always seems to happen regardless.

Favourite bit: When it looks like Arthas bursts the day open and shouts "HEY!!" as he enters the throne room. That cracked me up in laughter several times during production. :-D


3. "Diablo 2 - The Sin War"

Music used: Iron Maiden - The Fallen Angel
Track length: 4:00 minutes
Total Footage Size: 1.99 GB (That's all of the Diablo 2 and the expansion movies, plus the original trailer from on StarCraft: Brood War CD!)
Total Footage Length: 28:40 minutes
Final Movie Size: 16.1 MB

Authors comments: An awesome combination - Iron Maiden's "The Fallen Angel" is about a treacherous angel joining Satan and the beginning of armageddon, and Diablo 2 is a game strongly based on the mythology of Christianity's ultimate battle between good and evil in a variation of hell versus heaven. The lyrics fit even further well, past the angels and demons, to parts of the Diablo 2 movies - that of losing a mind (Linking to the Dark Wanderer and Marius, the narrator) and the 'end of our world' (Both the invasion by hell and the expansion's ending with the destruction of the World Stone). Maiden's "The Wicker Man" also fitted quite well, but not as much. I had already used it in a test movie about Archimonde, the big demonic villain in WarCraft 3 anyway (Though I don't think I'll be releasing it).

Despite the huge amount of footage, this was still very tricky to produce. I estimate that about three quarters of the total footage wasn't actually suitable - a fair amount of D2 is uneventful travelling or the slow generation of tension, while Maiden's track is fairly fast and energetic, so I had to filter through all of what matched. With what I picked out, I spent a lot of time experimenting, re-arranging and testing those different clips in all sorts of orders. I found that the best method for movies like this is to go through them in order (i.e. starting with the game's introduction) and pick out certain bits that match the music on the way.

Thrill suggested I have sound in the movie for once to fit the scenes more. I tried but 95% of the clips had their own music and thus didn't sound right at all. The only decent part was when the demons burst out of the floor at the start, but having that as the only segment with sound just seemed odd to me. All in all, though, I think I did very well on this one and it's helped me advance my ideas behind music videos. The Big Gun and Sad But True clips are good examples of the range of how hard they can be to make and that others work easily - provided the initial idea is solid and thus doesn't need much editing.

Favourite bit: The starting build-up, lyrics matching up to various scenes and the ending clip.


4. "WarCraft 3: Orcs (A Tribute to Pissed off Greenskins)"

Music used: Linkin Park - One Step Closer
Track length: 2:35 minutes

Total Footage Size: 63.1 MB (Tutorial intro and opening, orc ending)
Total Footage Length: 9:04 minutes
Final Movie Size: 10.3 MB

Authors comments: I was never certain about doing a vid on orcs since, even though they're my favourite WarCraft race, all of the footage I thought was available was of them charging and fighting in the orc ending and the introduction cinematics, none of which seemed to be enough. I wasn't sure what music would fit either, but then - as you probably guessed - I realised Linkin Park's One Step Closer would work exceedingly well, with the lyrics especially suiting Grom's view of Mannoroth by the Orc's ending. And so another two hours and a half or so of editing and tinkering commenced.

I got very annoyed at some of the transition parts - I kept viewing some stutters in the compiled movie even if there were none in the preview in Movie Maker, and vice versa too which was incredibly annoying! However, I fixed most of them up and got some great timings and they were awesome to get just right. I once had Mannoroth's attack (Where he hits the ground) coincide with "BREAK!" at the end of a chorus, but this got disrupted by some other editing. The bit I'm glad is in there, though, is when he stamps the floor with his foot and the main set of instruments resume.

There were a few more timings that I wanted to do - pretty much every part where the visual doesn't match up to the audio ideally, but a lack of footage prevented that. I did what I could for the orc ending part and then realised I had another minute or so left with nothing to add, and the music certainly does not suit a sudden fade out, so I decided to use parts of the introduction fight between the orc and human (But without the Infernal's arrival since that's blatantly inappropriate) which works quite well. I once had the track ending just on the orcs scream and ended it on that which was very cool, but at the time I also had used the boring shots of grass in the wind from that cinematic and decided I had to remove them, thus for the ending seconds I used the clash of the two armies in Thrall's vision instead - I think it works even better. I honestly think this is an awesome movie. Much more work was involved than the Arthas vid so it's probably my favourite WarCraft one.

For the introductory title music, I wanted to change the Whiskey in the Jar theme that I tend to have at least once. I looked around my sounds folder and came across the joke MP3 I made of Grom. I had posted it on the SA forum a few months ago and it made sense to include it at the start - it's always good to start with a joke, anyway. :)

Favourite bit: All of the timings and match ups between audio and visual - the gradual start and orc charge, Mannoroth stomping his foot down, Thrall throwing the Doomhammer into the fadeout of music, Grom's charge and his 'critical hit', and finally the armies clashing at the end.


5. "Amon Hen (Remix)"

Footage from: Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
Sound used: The Matrix OST - Lobby Fight Scene
Length: 3:57 minutes
Authors comments: Am I getting predictable, or are these funny? I hope so (Uh, the latter that is). This is just another, in my oh-so humble opinion, really funny combination of footage and music. Some of the matchup's between are terrific and I'm glad I spent the extra effort making them happen. I experimented a bit with video effects here - I sped up and slowed down several segments, you may notice, to get the main timings right and believe it works quite well.

I cut out a lot of parts of Frodo since I wanted the action to keep flowing swiftly just like in The Matrix. I did include include the bit of Frodo hiding behind a tree, not just because I couldn't be bothered to edit some more, but I think it resembles Neo hiding behind a pillar as he switches weapons.

I cut the end part short since Aragorn's eyes are lit up when he spots the dying Boromir - I really wanted a sense of closure to go with the music, even if it would have been a nice parallel to The Matrix with Trinity and Neo entering the elevator to the Fellowship moving on, though that would have been quite a sudden 'jump' of Aragorn slaying Lurtz to suddenly being with Gimli and Legolas by the river.



Some of these are mixs of scenes and sounds from films and games. You'll probably only find them funny if you've seen both sources.

1. Return of the Jedi King

Download Version A
Download Version B
Footage from: Star Wars and Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
Sound used: Ditto above
Length: 22 seconds
Authors comments: My first idea for a comedy video based on one of the several comparisons I noticed between the two epic trilogies. Perhaps the lines are cliche, though perhaps not, so it's either coincidence or plagurism ...? You decide, but I hope you laugh at this regardless.

2. Kill Bill Payne

Footage from: Kill Bill (Volume 1)
Sound used: Max Payne 2
Length: 22 seconds
Authors comments: I suppose it's typical for action movies to have a hero wake up dazed and confused in somewhere like a hospital, then for the story to show us how they got there. Still, I think it's funny to point it out here with Kill Bill (Volume 1) and Max Payne 2. Max's voice adds a bit of silliness (A bit like the Golden Years reference in that Family Guy episode. Meg's thinking and a male voice says "I was just a 16 year old girl.") and I like how the 'cough'-"ow!" matches up to the bride's scream. I did have another minute of sounds and dialogue - I was going to have the bride escaping the hospital as Max hallucinates about escaping too, but I think the humour had gone far enough.

3. The Frozen Ring

Footage from: WarCraft 3 - The Frozen Throne (End)
Sound used: Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring
Length: 33 seconds
Authors comments: Another funny comparison - this time between LOTR and WC3. I'm sure that anyone that has seen Ner'zhuls helmet fall to the floor noticed that it's a possible homage to the moment in FOTR when Sauron's helmet also dramatically hits the ground. I tried to make the warcry-scream match up and it sort of does, but I love how the thud (As Arthas hits the throne) matches up to the LOTR sound.

4. WarCraft 3: Brood War - Ending

Footage from: WarCraft 3: Reign of Chaos and StarCraft: Brood War
Sound used: Ditto above
Length: 1:07 minutes
Authors comments: I can't shamlessly steal the idea from Taeradun (as he's still alive, alas). He did a basic version of this - another 'coincidental' similarity between the endings for two Blizzard games. I simply decided to do one in better quality. I sensibly cut out the start of WC3's ending and the end of SC's for it to make sense and not drag on for too long. It was unnecessary to show the whole end sequence as I bet - or at least hope - people had finished laughing by that point. I also added credits for a change, mostly so Taeradun had clear credit, with music from Guy Richie's awesome soundtrack for Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

5. ArthasFart

Footage from: WarCraft 3: The Frozen Throne
Sound used: Family Guy - The King is Dead
Length: 21 seconds
Authors comments: Toilet humour.

6. Arthas \ Beavis

Footage from: WarCraft 3: The Frozen Throne
Sound used: Beavis and Butthead
Length: 21 seconds
Authors comments: The same as the ArthasFart, but with a sound clip of Beavis. Silly inanity at its best - I find this insane speech of Beavis' to be hilarious in such a solemn moment.


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