Duke Nukem 3D: Aliens Revenge


I think you know for a fact that you're old when you're uploading a file from 11 years ago that you once worked on. Since then, the world has changed, wars have been fought and even kids have been born and raised to puberty.

After dabbling in the ancient level editor for WarCraft 2, I began working in the "Build" editor for 3D Realm's classic Duke Nukem 3D. At the time it was very complex, but absolutely minutely as much as ones for fully 3D FPSs and I'm not even thinking about modern ones. 'Build' was awesome to use once you got going and I ended up constructing a basic 'campaign' for it.

For some reason, be it the fates or whatever, it has survived - across numerous formats and hard disk crashes. I now present it to you, presuming you have a version of Duke Nukem 3D to play it on (which isn't hard since I believe it's now freeware on the net somewhere) then, provided you understand I made this when I was around 14, enjoy!


Duke Nukem levels: Aliens Revenge
By Ben 'Magic' Brown

4 level campaign for Duke Nukem, plus a Dukematch level.

Duke is interupted after his period of "R&R" to find a second alien force has plans for invading Earth.

This is a single player 'campaign' But Death In The City (Level 1) suits death match and street.map is designed for deathmatch.

Parts of the campaign are pretty hard, but I think it's for all the Duke veterans out there. :)

Various levels were ones I found from a Duke!Zone CD. I tinkered them up, they were nameless after all, and here's the product. The levels are so old there's no point in trackign the authors.

Unzip all the levels to your Duke directory. Load up deathci.map first, or run Ye Olde Dos Prompt with-
duke3d -map deathci.map

The others should follow afterwards.


1) Death in the City
As Duke continues his 'R&R', he is told aliens have taken over the city. It's been overrun.
Kill 'em all and discover the secret entrance to a new base of theirs, hidden somewhere in the hotel! (8 Secrets)

2) LandingPad
Duke has discovered a secret base. Even now, the aliens are bringing in a new invasion force. Your mission is to sabotage the main ships and escape (2 secrets).

3) Moon Base 12
Your ship is shot down as you approach the moon base, you steer it over into the nearby mountains. Attack the huge infested base where the aliens are directing their ships. Once more, escape in a small ship and set course for Earth.

4) Hive
As Duke sets course to Earth, he discovers a huge bleep on his radar. There is a huge Hive on the moons surface within a mammouth crater. Guess what? Destroy it. Not only that, but there is some sort of 'commanding unit' deep within it- what appears to be a guiding...brain.

5) Street.map-A bonus level for Dukematch only! An _entire_ street for duking it out. A dozen buildings are yours to cause havoc in. Enjoy!

'Keith Hazlet' (According to the map itself, he made Moon12), the mystery maker of the Death in the city level (Note:Previously filenamed dethci~1.map), Brett Gmoser for making a great Build FAQ, Klaus Breuer for covering more of the detailed parts of Build and you at home for downloading it!

Have fun.



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