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It's been a while since I last posted some updates here.
We've been working quite hard recently and have been able to finish a lot of work. Below follows some of the things we've finished.


First out is the control point that will be featured in our first map, Glacier Islands. I've not really talked too much about control points, but the short explanation would be that they're neutral buildings that can be conquered by either of the players who then gains different kinds of bonuses that will help defeat the enemy players. After the first player has conquered a control point, it's up to the other players (apart from the controller's allies, obviously), to conquer it from the current controller.

So, the control point of today is the Forest Sentinel, a building that works much like the Night Elven Ancient Guardian, except his bigger, badder and cannot uproot. To gain control of the Forest Sentinel, one of the two opposing players must defeat him. While under one player's control, this player can choose to upgrade the Ancient to increase his power. If the Ancient is upgraded and then lost to the other player, worry not, because one player's upgrades do not count for the other. However, if you upgrade the Ancient, lose him and then take him back, you don't have to upgrade him again.

Say hello to our most recently finished unit, the Death Knight. This guy is now completely finished both code and art-wise.

The death knight and skeleton models:

Scars of Conflict.
by Magic, 11th Apr 10
Linaze's WarCraft 3 campaign entitled Scars of Conflict has a subforum in the WarCraft Projects of the forum. It's set in the WarCraft 2 era and is hiring. See the FAQ or screenshots threads for more information.
Wanderers of Sorceria Book 6 Released
by Lavarinth, 29th Apr 09
Post by Razorclaw X:

Wanderers of Sorceria Book 6 is now released. The Lord of Sorceria awaits your challenge.

When Warcraft 3 was released in 2003 Wanderers of Sorceria was one of the first custom campaigns available at the time, and now, six years later, the long journey is finally drawing to a close. When I initially planned out the entire campaign I thought I could finish the entire story within two years, yet the more I learned how to use the World Editor the more I felt compelled to challenge myself by creating something greater than what came before. In that manner each book starting from the first to the last successively became more sophisticated and technically superior. Whether or not I end up creating another campaign for Warcraft 3 or my next foray into customs ends up being with Starcraft 2, I can look back and know that I finally completed what began so long ago, and now it is your turn to follow through this story to its end.

Download it here!

Source: Campaign Creations
Gaming Event Changes.
by Ricky Honejasi, 8th Jan 09
Our community's gaming events were changed to :

Phoenix Phriday (War3 TFT)
Starts on Fridays at 8 PM GMT -5 (one hour earlier compared to before)
On Lordaeron (USWest), channel clan LLDN
Intended Max Length : 3-4 hours (instead of 6 hours due to SS)

Satyr Saturday (War3 TFT)
Starts on Saturdays at 8 PM GMT-5 (one hour earlier compared to before)
On Lordaeron (USWest), channel clan LLDN
Intended Max Length : 3-4 hours (instead of 6 hours due to PP)

As always, we welcome newcomers to our events.

-Ricky_Honejasi, event leader.

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