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It's been a long time since I started my commentary series on StarCraft, almost a year and a half in fact which is quite scary, but: it is done. My commentary on the zerg campaign in Brood War is finally available - check it out so you don't miss out!

Just how powerful is the Queen of Blades? How far can she pull the strings of the faction leaders in the Koprulu Sector? Where are things heading for StarCraft 2? Hopefully my commentary reveals some answers, or at least some intriguing new questions, as well as wrapping up the original storyline arc that Blizzard created so long ago and are soon to renew.

If you missed my commentary on the original StarCraft then you can check it out here. Feel free post your thoughts on the Samods forum.

- Magic
In between the many facets of real life business, I've finally finished my second part of my commentary on StarCraft: Brood War. This time it's chapter 5, the second Terran campaign that follows the UED's invasion of the Koprulu sector.

Brood War Commentary - Index.
5 - Terran Campaign - Iron Fist - Commentary.

Check it out and let me know what you think on the forum!

Sorry for the delay. :)

- Magic
As the follow-up to my commentary of the original StarCraft, I've posted my first part of Brood War, featuring a look at the introduction cinematic and the entire Protoss campaign.

Brood War Commentary - Index.
4 - Protoss Campaign - The Stand - Commentary.

Go check it out!

- Magic

Campaign Creations is proud to present their next contest: The StarCraft Scenario Contest. Your prize this time? Well, only one winner will be accountable for this contest, and that winner will get to receive the StarCraft Cinematic Poster. And, naturally, to up the interest:

The Winner Will Receive a StarCraft II Beta Key for Him or Herself and a Friend!

Once again, thanks to the support of Blizzard Entertainment, they've helped sponsor this contest officially by offering a pair of beta keys for the winner. You think you have what it takes to create the most epic single player scenario map? Then here's what you have to do:

Contest will be a scenario map creation contest, with a predetermined character: Judicator Zilous, where the contestants must portray an event in one map alone with this character as the protagonist to a basic self-determined story. Judgment will be based primary on the complexity and amount of story-driven content contained within the map. In addition, the mapping ability and overall professionalism of the project will also be considered. Additional extras such as music, vocal work, or artwork adjustment will not directly ultimately affect judgment but may aid in the scoring. The contest will be based off a scoring system, where one can acquire up to ten points based on each criteria: Text (Spelling, Grammar, Formatting, Dialogue, etc), Triggers (Complexity, Functional, Usage), Mapping (Categories: Layout and Beauty), and Professionalism (Attention to detail, lore, and presentation).

A few important notes to take into account is that Judicator Zilous operates an Arbiter. Arbiters have been known to have the ability to manipulate space and time to transport personal and supplies, alongside freeze personal in the same manner. This, however, does not limit them from giving themselves the ability to time travel or perhaps even enter other dimensions. Your imagination is your limits in this contest, the only requirement is Judicator Zilous be the main character, however his survival or lack of is in your hands.

You have four weeks from this day to complete a total package campaign revolving around the StarCraft storyline. Let's make your vast knowledge in both triggering and mapping finally come of good use, and show that YOU deserve those keys! Head on over to our forums and visit the contest subforum to get started!

Source: Campaign Creations StarCraft Scenario Contest

It's finally here! After a lot of work and late nights I proudly present to you Ascension of Duran: Dark Purposes. This is the second Ascension of Duran campaign in the series and has custom sound, graphics and challenging game play.

Official site:

Post by Whiplash.

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