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Game Weavers.
by Magic, 1st Jan 13
It's still work-in-progress but today seems like the best time to announce it.

Samods is dead, long live Game Weavers. :)
Coming soon...
by Magic, 19th Jun 12
Ravelling and unravelling the fabric of fun...
Normal Service Resumed.
by Magic, 26th Apr 11
There was an issue with the site's functionality over the last few days where links on the left that connected to the main areas were not working. This has now been resolved and we're back to normal.

- Magic
SAGA is Back Up.
by Magic, 19th Feb 11
SAGA is back up on the site after being inadvertently left unavailable with my domain purge a while ago.
Webmaster Wanted.
by Magic, 17th May 10
Samods needs a webmaster!

I'm currently looking for an individual to help out reboot the site - either as it is now but with a fresh layout, or as a completely new entity entirely.

Knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP, and Drupal is essential, while experience with SMF or graphic editing would be welcome but not necessary. Please mail me ( or message me over the Samods forum to apply.

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