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Fallout is a terrific franchise and one that continues to be popular as shown with the sales of New Vegas. Despite bugs ranging from the minor to the major - personally I barely encountered any but other people beg to differ - and despite using the ageing Gamebryo engine, it was a masterpiece of post-apocalyptic survival and role-playing. Roaming the shattered wasteland has never been so fun.

What possibilities are there for Fallout 4 exactly? What next for the wasteland? Where is the franchise headed? Read on and I'll show you my predictions.

A new article is up. The description:

'I started this article off as part of my look at the possibilities for FallOut 4, but it soon became long enough to stand on its own, so here it is. I could have named this article 'Interplay vs. Bethesda: Why I'm Rooting for Bethesda' but that's not quite the intention, I simply recalled some poor decisions by Interplay regarding FallOut.'

Check it out here.
The History of RTS Games - Dune 2
by Magic, 11th Mar 10
It was posted a while ago, but perhaps some people missed it. Inspired by the likes of Angry Video Game Nerd and Spoony One, I've uploaded a prototype of a video commentary series about the history of Real Time Strategy games. The first game is, naturally, arguably the first true RTS - Dune 2: The Building of a Dynasty by Westwood Studios.

What do you think? I'd love to hear feedback - is it a good concept for a series? How could it be improved? What features could be implemented? Which games should be covered? Post about it on the forum.
Mafia - Script Commentary
by Magic, 19th Jul 09
An article you can't refuse (to read)...

My series of gaming script commentaries continues, with Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven now available. To describe it, I'll simply provide an exerpt from the overview:

"Set in a fictional city during prohibition America, it tells the tale of Thomas Angelo as he slips into the sordid world of the mafia. The plot was the big draw for the game - apparently the screenplay was 400 pages long - with clear influences from The Godfather and Goodfellas, staple classic movies of the crime genre. These weren't just nods or quick jokes, as where Rockstar had a name like the Leone mafia family or a level title of "Keep your friends close... " in the GTA games, Mafia has characters, scenes and pure atmosphere that is straight out of the genre and setting.

I hope to show just how amazing the story of Mafia really is. The cutscenes, for their time, were fantastic and far more emotional than other games of the time. The player feels like a real mobster, with a history and feelings, not just some goon taking on bizarre missions for the sake of it.

Despite the script being absolutely huge, I believe I've came up with a solid commentary that at least shows how faithful to the crime movie genre the game is. If you're a fan of the game, crime movies in general or script design for games, I sincerely recommend you check it out.



- Magic
AGD Interactive have finally completed their remake of the classic Quest For Glory II: Trial by Fire. Originally a Sierra adventure game (with RPG elements) made in 1990, it was barely touched by gamers years later - including yours truly - due to the 16 colour graphics, a parser-only interface (i.e. text-based commands) and a confusing maze of alleyways in the first city. AGD have remedied all of this, however, and in doing so created a legendary update to the game. For more information, check out their site.


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