Scars of Conflict: Forest Sentinel, Bandit Creeps and War Turtle

Posted by Linaze at 9:08am on 9th July 2011 in categories:
It's been a while since I last posted some updates here.
We've been working quite hard recently and have been able to finish a lot of work. Below follows some of the things we've finished.


First out is the control point that will be featured in our first map, Glacier Islands. I've not really talked too much about control points, but the short explanation would be that they're neutral buildings that can be conquered by either of the players who then gains different kinds of bonuses that will help defeat the enemy players. After the first player has conquered a control point, it's up to the other players (apart from the controller's allies, obviously), to conquer it from the current controller.

So, the control point of today is the Forest Sentinel, a building that works much like the Night Elven Ancient Guardian, except his bigger, badder and cannot uproot. To gain control of the Forest Sentinel, one of the two opposing players must defeat him. While under one player's control, this player can choose to upgrade the Ancient to increase his power. If the Ancient is upgraded and then lost to the other player, worry not, because one player's upgrades do not count for the other. However, if you upgrade the Ancient, lose him and then take him back, you don't have to upgrade him again.


The second thing I'd like to talk about are the are the creeps of our first maps. But first, allow me to give you a very short explanation on what creeps really are in SoC. One of the radical gameplay alterations in SoC is the removal of heroes. Because there are no heroes, and thus no leveling or hero inventories, SoC creeps neither yield experience nor drop items, they merely give some gold to the killing player upon death. Instead the creeps' purpose in SoC is to "guard" different locations that are of interest to the players. These locations can be a variety of things, such as coveted coasts or expansion sites.

With the explaining finished, allow me to introduce our first creeps, the bandits. See the picture below.

From left to right: Bandit (melee, no ability), Bandit Captain (melee, Command Aura ability), Bandit Spearthrower (ranged, no ability).


It's time for me to present the third and final thing for today, a naval unit of the Orcish Horde: the Goblin War Turtle. The War Turtle is unique amongst other naval units in SoC for it's ability to walk (on land) and swim. This helps the War Turtle escape for followers, but also allows it to attack the enemy players' structures and other things on land. The War Turtle also has an ability, Disabling Shot, that reduces the armor and damage of target mechanical unit.


That's it for today, folks. Please post your thoughts here:

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