Hosting FAQ

What is Samods anyway?

Samods is a modding and gaming community that strives to assist modders however possible. The main form is in hosting on the site. The service is completely free - all we want is for projects to help bring more visitors to the main site and forum in return.

What do I get with hosting at Samods?

Any hosted project will receive the following:
  • No disk space or bandwidth limitations. We naturally expect you to be courteous to those paying for the hosting by not wasting disk space and bandwidth unnecessarily, though there are no hard limits on either of these items. We will attempt to upgrade our hosting package accordingly as necessary.
  • A subdomain of your choice (
  • Unlimited email accounts and forwarding addresses at your subdomain (
  • Unlimited FTP accounts with access to your subdomain.
  • Unlimited MySQL databases.
  • Technical support from our webmaster.
  • Priority access to SAVAGE for your project's voice acting needs.
  • News posting privilages. We allow you to post news on the main Samods site to publicise your project.
  • Community ties. Samods is affiliated with many other sites in the modding community. We do our best to make sure that our hosted projects are advertised by our affiliates.
  • Existing fan base. We have many existing regulars and visitors who will likely express interest in your project.

I want to be hosted at Samods. What do I do?

Simply email with details and previews of your project (e.g. screenshots). He will then review your project and get back to you in due course.

We have a few simple requirements for hosted projects:
  • All hosted sites must display our link button graphic (88 by 30 pixels) somewhere on their main page.
  • All projects must have some pre-existing work completed. In short, you should request hosting when you need it. Moderately detailed storylines and concepts are acceptable, but a few lines of each is not. The more effort and work that you have put in demonstrates to us that you're willing to put in the time necessary to finish your project and that we're not wasting our time and bandwidth by hosting your project. We understand cancellations happen due to uncontrollable factors, but we want to avoid agreeing to host projects with undedicated authors who drop the project after a month.
  • Your existing work must be of a high quality. We strive to maintain a level of quality and so we may not host your work as a result.
  • Your site must not contain any adult or illegal content.
Samods is here to help your modding experience so don't be shy - feel free to send any queries to !

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