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I've worked on many campaigns during my time in the StarCraft and WarCraft III community and, though none were ever fully released, I'm proud and happy looking back at the work and the fun times that I had in designing them. Here I present some of my concepts with the intent that people can get their own inspiration for campaigns and stories. I've included some "In Retrospect..." notes as I look back at them. I'll also happily elaborate and discuss ideas if one wishes to contact me.

All files are presented here "AS IS" and are used at your own risk. All files were created by Ben 'Magic' Brown unless noted or signed otherwise. The files are free for non-commercial use. If in doubt or if you have any other queries, please contact Magic over the Samods forum.

Warcraft III

"The Forsaken"

My original aim with my WC3 work was to create a series of mini-campaigns that set the scene for a party of unusual adventurers, a motley bunch hailing from all walks of life and different races (And yes, I did curse out loud when Sylvannus revealed the 'Forsaken' faction in Blizzard's expansion pack for WarCraft 3, The Frozen Throne). They would be united by their tragedies and always be attempting to redeem their past, "Until the end".

The following are the main characters that I produced design work for, with others that I did not document as much were a cold Elven ranger named Glinn'Trelis who had left Quel'thalas after believing he had failed to defend it and a human captain from a small Northern kingdom, Morgan, who was sought after by dark powers for the ancient magic within him.

Karnek the Retaliator
Summary: A Night Elven Demon Hunter from Ashenvale, with a fiery temper and skill to match.

Malorak, the Revenant
Summary: A human noble who is damned through the result of an undead invasion and left as a shadow of his former self.

Nietziroth the Pit Lord
Summary: A neutral-evil demon Pit Lord.

Tarok the Wise
Summary: A benevolent and highly intelligent orc shaman, leader of the Shining Talon clan. He would be the leader of the group and have his origin told in the Last Exodus campaign.


Restless Hive
A mod design for a traditional undead faction in WarCraft 3.

WarCraft 1 Conversion
A conversion aimed at recreating WC1 in WC3.


Summary: An ambitious project that was to feature three full campaigns for the Terran, Zerg and Protoss.

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