About Samods

What is Samods?

Samods is a fan-run and fan-based group intended to assist and host fan-made mods. Our aim is to help anyone start and develop a project by providing tutorials, articles, hosting and resources. We do this for free and for fun.

What was the Star Alliance?

The Star Alliance was the original Samods. Founded in 1998, it began as a level-making group for the Blizzard game StarCraft and gradually expanded into several other games such as WarCraft 3 and general modding. In September 2007 it was decided to rename the group in an effort to reorganise and revamp its status and to make its focus - that of modding - more apparent.

How do I get hosting?

Please see the the Hosting FAQ for details. In short, send an email with details and previews of your project and it will be reviewed for hosting.

What is modding anyway?

Modding is best summarised as the modification of games, ideally to create a new experience for others to play and enjoy. The term generally encompasses any sort of gaming project that adds new content which includes new maps, models, features, graphics, units, weapons and so on. They are 'packaged' depending on the content and style of the game.

Why bother with modding?

The answer is typically different for each individual person. It can be a very creative and challenging hobby that allow you to learn new skills and meet like-minded gamers across the internet.

What do you get out of this?

We're all fans and we do this purely for fun. While fame - whether based on the internet or in real-life through the games industry - would be great, it is not our main goal. We want as many projects hosted here as possible because it helps the modmaking community and attracts more people who in turn will (hopefully) give feedback and comments which makes it all worthwhile.

How are you organised?

There are several different roles within the group.

General Administrator - Magic. Oversees the site and makes decisions.

Webteam - Taeradun, WarGiant. Their job is to maintain and implement changes to the website.

Samods Staff - Various. The regular staff typically work on several projects, both by themselves and with each other within the group.

Hosted Staff - Various. These are like regular staff but are generally concerned with their own hosted project.

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