Melee Maps

Courtesy of Andrew King comes his Antonov compilation of melee maps for the original StarCraft and Brood War.

D01 District Uprising.scx

(3) Alpine Vendetta.scx
(4) CQB (Team Map).scx
(4) Day One.scm
(4) Forbidden Sun.scx
(4) Operation Starfall.scx
(5) Lone Island.scx
(5) Snowy Plains.scx
(6) City of Ruin (AC).scm
(6) DC Imperium.scm
(6) District Uprising.scm
(6) Second Strike.scx
(7) Frozen Plains.scx
(7) Snowy Plains.scx
(8) Battle Of The Minors.scx
(8) District Uprising.scm
(8) Sea of Mud.scm
(8) Silent River.scx
(8) The Islands of Kane.scx
(8) The Stormcoast.scm


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